On this episode of the Australian Army Leadership Programme podcast series, we will be discussing role clarity and developing effective leadership teams in the Australian Army with Warrant Officer Grant McFarlane, OAM Regimental Sergeant Major of the Australian Army.

Role clarity is about how Army leadership is exercised in teams and structures which harness the complementary skills and attributes of differently-prepared rank groups. That includes Officers, WO, SNCOs, JNCOs and soldiers alike. It can be applied flexibly, but this underlying role clarity is what makes Army organisations strong, adaptable and self-correcting. Role clarity empowers leaders at all levels, thereby sharing responsibility in a way that harnesses the abilities and professionalism of all.

Understanding role clarity goes part way towards enabling the development of effective leadership teams; teams who understand each other’s role within the organisation and offset or compliment strengths and weaknesses. Role clarity provides an understanding of the shared responsibilities they have in developing their team to operate in an environment of Accelerated Warfare. Through Good Soldiering, effective leadership teams foster an organisational culture that solidifies trust in our Army and promotes enduring optimal performance: as individuals, as teams and as an Army.

Below are some useful images to review whilst listening to this short 15 minute podcast.