Podcast #1 Brigadier Ian Langford DSC and Bars, Director General Future Land Warfare

Application of Innovation, Risk Tolerance, Opportunism and Leading through and beyond failure within the Australian Army.

In a dynamic and unpredictable world, which we refer to as an environment of Accelerated Warfare, leaders must be prepared to embrace opportunity and act fast. This can be achieved by establishing a vision, but accepting that detailed planning is not always possible. The vision allows the team to ‘think big’ and to take the smallest executable step by ‘starting small and moving fast’. The team can then assess the initial outcome, adjust effort where required, and then take the next executable step with minimal delay. The team may encounter some risks and setbacks to work through, but if the leader; establishes the right environment, encourages creativity, enables adaptation, manages risk and maintains a bias for action, then success may be realised sooner.

Leaders must empower their people to learn through boldness, innovation and the inevitable failures and setbacks required to achieve ultimate success. The commitment of resources and reputation can be progressive, and risks can be consciously embraced and mitigated. This approach encourages people to seize opportunity and act in uncertain environments, knowing they are supported by leaders who have set the right environment and are willing to lead them through and beyond failure.