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By The Cove October 29, 2020


7 new units to chose from:

The Art & Science of Thinking - Unit 5: The Art of Good Thinking;
The Art & Science of War – Unit 38: Cyber security in practice;
Leadership, Ethics & Society – Unit 16: Foundations in gender studies, Unit 54: Global justice, Aid and Security, and Unit 56: Overseas aid and international development
Organisational Management People & Projects – Unit 66: Professional and technical communication, and Unit 68: Public Relations, Activism and Social Change

Welcome to COVE+

COVE+ is the Australian Army’s Professional Development Program and is open to all serving uniformed members of the Australian Army - regardless of rank, trade, SERCAT or Corps. The aim of COVE+ is to enhance the intellectual component of fighting power in order to improve the Army's capacity to apply force, or threaten to apply force, against an adversary in the land domain.

What is COVE+?

COVE+ is a library of tertiary-level learning units, each consisting of between 10 and 40 hours of content. It will be hosted on the Australian Defence Education Learning Environment (Unclassified) - or ADELE(U) - learning management system as a 100% online, self-guided and self-paced program, available at no cost to learners.

COVE+ units have been developed in partnership with Australian tertiary institutions and cover a wide range of topics. The units have been specifically designed to enable Army’s people to tackle a broader range of more complex problem sets through improving critical thinking skills within the context of the Profession of Arms. This program will build an individual’s knowledge base and applied skills across a breadth and depth of subjects. While it is up to each individual to access and complete these units, the spread of topics has been developed to cater for all Army’s people and their interests. COVE+ will unlock the potential of every member of the Australian Army, both personally and professionally, to create a truly future ready workforce able to operate in an era of accelerated warfare. 

COVE+ will deliver education units across five modules of study:

  • The Art and Science of Thinking
  • The Art and Science of War
  • Leadership, Ethics and Society
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Organisational Management, Projects and People.


As a self-paced program, the absence of course dates or time limits will allow anyone undertaking learning to complete all components within their own capacity, allowing for breaks due to personal needs or service requirements, such as deployments or exercises.

COVE+ will provide approximately 420 units of self-paced education between 2020 and 2025. Tranche 1, which was developed in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology, was launched on 12 August 2020 and will provide a library of 70 units by the end of the year. Each unit has been designed to meet equivalent standards of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) to ensure the learning is credible, current and challenging. An indicative outline of a bronze level unit (consisting of approximately ten hours of content) is show below.

Units can be completed in any order, with the exception of the unit on Reflective Practice, which is the gateway unit that will provide the skills required for learners to undertake units across the program.

This gateway unit is supported by a Reflective Practice journal that learners can use to record their goals, as well as their hot and cold reflections on COVE+ units and broader training activities, exercises and military courses. Recognising the broad learning styles across the Army, the Reflective Journals will be available in both hard copy (with books available from local Army Education Centre detachments as well as the PME team at HQ FORCOMD) and as an interactive app available for both iOS and Android.

There are three levels of COVE+ units: bronze, silver and gold. Bronze units are predominantly 10-hours of work at the foundation level, silver units are generally 20 hours of work at an intermediate level, and gold units are normally 40 hours in length pitched at an advanced level of education.

Each individual may enrol in as many concurrent units as they like; however, as some provide foundations of information for other units, it is recommended that individuals plan their learning journeys. In this way, they will be able to take advantage of foundation or intermediate unit concepts, principles and contemporary thinking within the many disciplines explored by COVE+.

Accessing COVE+

COVE+ is available to all serving members of the Australian Army, both full-time and part-time, via ADELE(U). Once in ADELE(U), simply click on the link to the Army's homepage and COVE+ is the first course at the top of the page.

COVE+ Frequently Asked Questions

The link below is to a PDF that contains frequently asked questions and answers that will assist personnel in understanding how to get the best out of COVE+. If learners have questions that relate to the ability to use COVE+ effectively that are not covered in this FAQ, please contact the COVE+ Manager on soldier.cove [at] defence.gov.au.




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