Fred Smith

Fred Smith is a renowned Australian diplomat, author and songwriter.  He has spent the last 20 years working on a variety of pursuits including working on Australian stabilisation missions in Afghanistan and the South Pacific, and touring the US and Australian festival circuit.  He worked for two years alongside Australian troops in Uruzgan province and wrote a collection of songs about the realities of life for soldiers and civilians, released on a highly acclaimed album, 'Dust of Uruzgan.' Additionally, he recently wrote a memoir from his experiences in Afghanistan, also titled The Dust of Uruzgan.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.

Break In

War in the Sand Pit Conference - Fred Smith

Welcome to our highly anticipated 'War in the Sand Pit' conference series of videos. This presentation on Australian Diplomats is delivered by Fred Smith an Australian diplomat who deployed to Uruzgan in 2009.  

By Fred Smith