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Chief of Army Response: 2030 Australian Army

By Rick Burr June 11, 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in the online discussion for The Cove’s 2030 Australian Army in 100 words.  I know that behind the words were offline debates in messes and units around Australia and across the world in deployed locations. Being open to new ideas, contesting our thinking and learning from this contest is what it means to be an Army in Motion.

I am open to your ideas – your responses indicate you are discussing a people focused, regionally engaged, technically integrated Army that influences beyond the immediate land battle and continually adapts. Your responses demonstrate critical and creative thinking, unbounded by corps, rank or experience.

We have a tradition of always being in motion. We adjust to changes in our operating environment, adapt the way we fight to defeat adversaries and we modernise concepts and capabilities as technology develops. I know you do this on operations and in our units. Our training system, including the upcoming Exercise Talisman Sabre, is an excellent environment to test new ideas. I want you and your teams to ‘think big, start small, move fast.’ Be comfortable that some of your ideas will fail on that journey as we learn and improve. I am.

Our soldiers, our teams and our leaders are our competitive advantage – you will drive new tactics, techniques and procedures. These will change how our army trains and organises. I am immensely proud of your contribution to the nation and I look forward to continuing our contest of ideas. You will hear more from me in July about Army’s Contribution to Defence Strategy.

Here is my take on the 2030 Australian Army in 100 words:




Rick Burr

Lieutenant General Rick Burr, AO, DSC, MVO is the Chief of the Australian Army.

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