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By The Cove October 20, 2021

Leveraging the experience of each … accelerates the learning of all. 


What is a Cove Advocate?

Cove Advocates are a community of Professional Military Education (PME) enthusiasts across Army who can provide feedback on The Cove's initiatives and content, as well as encourage and enable engagement in The Cove. We know that individuals are open to guidance and feedback from people they know and trust. This is why having access to self-motivated and like-minded people, like you, is so important to promote engagement with The Cove.

Who can be a Cove Advocate?

Anyone in Army who has a passion for, and knows the value of, personal and professional development. You must be willing to voluntarily share our key messages, and your own opinion, on why PME is worthwhile.

Cove Advocates are likely to be motivated and curious individuals who love learning and sharing ideas. You may even have some ideas or initiatives of your own and want to collaborate with us. A number of people have already put their hand up to join the program and we want to ensure we have representation from all corps and rank structures.

What is the role of a Cove Advocate?

It's simple. You must be willing to do two key things:

  1. Voluntarily promote awareness of The Cove’s initiatives.
  2. Share your views on the development of The Cove with us.

How do I do this?

There are seven simple options:

  1. Become a member of the Cove Advocate Group on ForceNet so you receive updates on Cove initiatives and upcoming events 
  2. Promote the value of PME & Cove initiatives. See our FAQs for details.
  3. Review, share & contest ideas presented on our site  (gain direct access by downloading our Cove App - available on iOs and Android)
  4. Provide us feedback either in the Cove Advocate Group on ForceNet or by emailing us at soldiercove [at]
  5. Follow and engage with us on social media (@covetweet and The Cove Facebook page)
  6. Download our Cove App and Reflective Journal App
  7. Encourage others to do the same.

Our future Army needs to be a smart one. Education is a critical requirement for Australian Army members at every level.  Become a Cove Advocate and help us achieve the Australian Army's Intellectual Edge

Want to read more, here are our FAQs




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