Live Events!

There are some great new enhancements to our live event countdowns on the home page. Firstly, it will show more detail about the upcoming event. Also, you can now add a calendar event and reminder to your Outlook or mobile calendar. Never miss a CoveTalk again!

The Cove's new live event countdown.

Fresh Ideas Expansion!

To make it easier to keep up with Cove content, our ‘Fresh Ideas’ have been expanded so you can quickly find all The Cove’s latest articles. The 'More Fresh Ideas' button will take you to the most recent articles of the last two weeks.

The Cove's new Fresh Ideas.

Search Function!

We have improved sorting in our search results, which means you can now sort in alphabetical order, publication time, or relevance. Even better, you can now filter by time period to narrow down your search. Now you can more easily find the article you are looking for.

The Cove's new search functions.


You can now interact with our content and let us know your immediate reaction to an article. Choose from three reactions:

  1. Agree
  2. Disagree
  3. Useful

This is a great way to leave immediate feedback to your favourite articles. You can still let us know your thoughts, feedback, and questions in the comments at the bottom of articles.

The Cove's new article reactions.

...and a lot more!

There are a bunch of other smaller enhancements spread across The Cove website, all aimed to make your professional military education smoother. 'Features' is now a carousel on the home page to make it easier to explore valuable Cove index pages. There have been continuous improvements to The Cove's analytics with statistics on engagement and growth. There's even more to come!

If you want to get in touch with the Cove Team, our inbox has moved. To contact us, please send mail to: