Great instructors are a critical component of Army’s current and Future Ready Training System. We have collated some resources below so you can learn from others' experiences and enhance your instructional skills with evidence based methodologies and techniques to improve learning. These are relevant not only to instructors in training institutions, but also instructors who conduct training in units.

If you have resources worth sharing, why not comment below so we can share them with your peers. After all, leveraging the experience of each, accelerates the learning of all. 

Adele Courses (accessible to current serving members on ADELE O:S)

  1. Military Instructor Course Toolbox (Army Education Centre)
  2. Understanding our Younger Workforce
  3. Instructor Hub (Australian Defence College)
  4. Army Training System Collaboration Site

Cove+ (accessible to current serving members on ADELE O:S)

  1. Art and Science of Thinking units:
  2. Leadership, Ethics and Society units:
  3. STEM unit:

Open Source

  1. The Science of Learning – Dr Jared Cooney Horvath is a neuroscientist, educator, and author who seeks to improve training, education, impact and engagement.
  2. Science of Learning Research Centre – brings together neuroscientists, psychologists and education researchers to collaborate on programs to better understand learning; using a range of innovative experimental techniques and programs. All instructors and instructional designers should keep their PEN principles in mind!
  3. The Effortful Educator – A blog coordinated by Blake Harvard (B.S and M.Ed) with an affinity for pairing education and learning to cognition and psychology. This site highlights research being done on learning, memory and cognition and their connections to the classroom.

Cove Articles 

  1. Adolescent Learning
  2. Who is Instructing: You or Your PowerPoint?
  3. Smart Soldier - Systems of Thinking
  4. The Role of Assessment and Its Potential within a Military Training Establishment
  5. Blended Learning - Understanding the Concept
  6. Training in a Diverse Classroom
  7. What is Army's Educational Philosophy?
  8. Improve Your Questioning Technique
  9. How Adults Learn: Your Introduction to the Neuroscience of Learning
  10. Being Back to Where it all Started: Kapooka – 'Home of the Soldier' by James Taulanga
  11. Reflections on Key Appointments: RMC-D Instructor by Michael Evans
  12. Reflections on Instruction by Alexander Slader
  13. The Recruit Instructor by Michael Van Meersbergen