This CoveTalk explores balancing a high-profile civilian life with a career in the Army. Channel 7 presenter and reservist Major Mark Beretta took the time to be interviewed by The Cove’s Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Luciani on Balancing Demanding Reserve and Civilian Careers.

Mark Beretta is popular sports presenter on Australian television. He is also an author, engineer, 10-times Australian water ski champion, and marathon bike rider. Working for the Seven Network’s Sunrise program, he has been watched by almost half a million Australians every day. Mark is also a public affairs officer in the Australian Army.

With so many competing commitments, Mark is a very busy man. Yet, while presenting on television everyday, he still finds time to provide very valuable support to Army. During this CoveTalk, Mark shares his thoughts on balancing his high-profile civilian life with his role in the Army. Mark discusses:

  • his enthusiasm for Army
  • the utilisation of specialist skills in Army
  • what civilian employers get back
  • new learning for you and us
  • time management – Army as the second priority

This CoveTalk was livestreamed here on The Cove at 1630h (AEST) on Thursday, 21 July 2022 from the Sergeants Mess in Victoria Barracks.

Thank you to all who attended in-person and online. Check out the entire CoveTalk below.