This CoveTalk was livestreamed here on The Cove on Thursday, 01 September 22 from the Sergeants Mess in Victoria Barracks.

Thank you to all who attended in-person and online. Watch the recording here on The Cove!

Hugo Toovey and Amber in hospital.

CAPT Hugo Toovey is a 30 year-old Army Captain, founder of 25 STAY ALIVE, and a survivor.

In 2013, at age 21, Hugo's life was forever altered when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Hugo underwent many procedures to treat this, including removal of the affected testicle, surgery to remove his abdominal lymph nodes, and months of chemotherapy. Then, in 2018, Hugo was diagnosed with bowel cancer. This required a further 2 major surgeries and 3 weeks in hospital. He is missing a testicle, part of his reproductive system, all of his abdominal lymph nodes, his appendix, his large bowel and his rectum. Not only has CAPT Toovey survived both testicular cancer and bowel cancer, but he has recently been diagnosed with Crohns Disease and yet again finds himself on active treatment.

Despite this, Hugo is more determined than ever to save lives.

Although it has been a difficult journey, I believe I have been given a unique opportunity to make the best of a bad situation and use what I have gone through to help others. Something like cancer and mental illness doesn't discriminate, and I am living proof of that Life is precious, don’t take it for granted.
– CAPT Hugo Toovey

When Hugo is not working as the Command Welfare Officer at Headquarters Forces Command in Sydney, he spends his time sharing his story and raising awareness. He is an Ambassador for Movember and Gotcha4Life, and he hosts the mental health podcast Behind the Uniform.