In conjunction with HQ 2 Div our first CoveTalk of 2023 brings the return of the 2 Div PME Series.

This CoveTalk is titled Critical Thinking for Military Professionals. It consists of a presentation by Major Jeremy Barraclough, HQ 2 Div, followed by a Q&A session.

Increasingly, professionals from the military are being called upon for the experience and expertise to solve complex problems. These problems are growing more complex because they involve more actors, with more involvement, and more agency. The critical thinker can break down and recompose ideas. They can draw upon and include previous understanding from related and unrelated concepts to improve or create new understanding. Therefore, critical thinking will continue to be of particularly relevance to military thinkers. Join Jeremy for a look into critical thinking amongst the military in this introductory session to kick off the 2023 2 Div PME sessions.

The CoveTalk was livestreamed at 1600h AEDT on Tuesday, 28 February 2023. Thank you to all who attended in-person and online. Check out the entire CoveTalk below.


Major Jeremy Barraclough is an Infantry Officer with a particular interest in irregular warfare. He has deployed multiple times to Afghanistan and on domestic security operations. He has command experience at platoon and company level including coalition, joint and interagency collaboration.

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