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Cranlana Ethical Leadership Webinar Series Part 3: Ethical Grey Zones

By The Cove September 14, 2021

It is now widely accepted that military personnel are at risk of moral injury, especially (though not only) when deployed to conflict zones. It is important that ADF members and Department of Defence staff are familiar with the concept of moral injury from both an individual and leadership standpoint.

The Centre for Australian Army Leadership (CAAL) has arranged for a webinar hosted by Cranlana Centre of Ethical Leadership on the topic of Moral Injury and the Duty of Care.  

Anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of contemporary ethical issues are encouraged to participate online on their BYOD (bring your own device). The webinar can be viewed as an individual or in groups on Tuesday 21 Sep 21 from 1300 - 1430h (AEST).

In order to participate you will need to nominate via email to CAAL by NLT 15 1300h Sep 21. Nominations are to be sent to: centreforaustralianarmyleadership-caal [at] dpe.protected.mil.au and are to include rank, name, unit and civilian email address.

An invitation will be sent to all nominees NLT 17 Sep 21 which will contain a link to the online hosting platform as well as links to pre-reading and listening resources.

We recommend you don't miss this opportunity to learn from some civilian specialists in the field of ethics.


Below are the three previous webinars hosted by Cranlana so that you can build upon the ethical decision making concepts discussed.
This release of 'Ethical Grey Zones' covers a wide range of topics including mercenaries, pirates and information warfare. The catch with ethics is that there often isn't a black and white answer. We often live in 'ethical grey zones' and a good way to learn how to deal with these difficult scenarios is to continue to expose yourself and learn about all the different considerations from the experts. 

Webinar #3 - Ethical Grey Zones - 1hr, 22mins  **  NEW  **


Webinar #2 - Ethical Blindspots - 1hr, 26mins


Webinar #1 - Ethical Decision Making - 1hr, 30 mins

Cranlana is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening wise and courageous leadership. It is through the collaboration of Monash University, The Myer Foundation and Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation that enables them to draw on more than two millennia of philosophical thinking to foster in-depth, practical discussions that sharpen critical reasoning and strengthen moral courage. If you would like to learn more about Cranlana, you can visit their website here



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