This is the first podcast in a two part series on the The Contested Urban Environment Strategic Challenge, also known as CUE Adelaide 17. The 11 day event (20 Nov - 01 Dec) involved approximately 100 uniformed personnel and 80 researchers from the ABCA community who sought to answer the question 'how new technology can help today's war-fighters in urban operating environments'. In this first podcast, Sharon Mascall-Dare speaks with project leader Justin Fidock who talks about the Defence Science and Technology (DST) group's role in helping Defence investigate new and emerging technologies that offer the potential to reduce risks to soldiers and civilians operating in urban conflicts.

About the producer: Sharon Mascall-Dare is a Reservist Public Affairs officer posted to HQ 9th Brigade in South Australia. In her civilian life she is an award winning BBC radio broadcaster and Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Communication at the University of South Australia.