Relevant professional blogs can be useful for those who prefer online content rather than weighty texts. Defence-in-Depth is the research blog of the Defence Studies Department (based on the Joint Services Command and Staff College), King’s College London. It provides in-depth contemporary and historical analysis of the issues relating to defence.  

The Defence Studies Department aims to provide education to professional military personnel and King’s College London is a world leader in this area. Defence-in-Depth showcases how cutting-edge research can influence professional military education, theory, and practice. The team at Defence-in-Depth acknowledges that many of the stories that dominate defence today have long-term causes or are themselves rooted in history. They argue that history provides important understanding of the political, social, and cultural factors that shape the world today.  

Check out the Defence-in-Depth blog and add it to your list of favourites as a #PME resource.