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Episode of Kokoda Trail Podcast

By The Cove May 15, 2019

Here at the #BreakIn we like to feature other resources that you might like to use in addition to our Cove posts. One of those resources is the Dead Prussian Podcast.  In this post we feature a particular episode of the podcast on the Kokoda Trail

This podcast episode features Karl James, a senior historian at the Australian War Memorial and editor of Kokoda: Beyond the Legend. During the podcast, Karl covers the legend and reality of Kokoda as well as its significance to Australia.  He discusses the physicality of the campaign and how, when combined with the values of courage and mateship present during the campaign, it made the Kokoda Trail a pivotal point in establishing a sense of Australian national identity. He cautions us that we need to remember to put the Australian story into a wider context of the rest of the war.  He suggests that sometimes we lose focus by zeroing in exclusively on the Australian contribution to Kokoda. Listen to the episode and let us know your thoughts.

 You could also consider listening to some of the other episodes in the podcast series to expand your knowledge of military history across a broad range of topics.




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