How to Pack a Pack

By The Cove June 14, 2017


In this short and practical Soldier's Five video, SGT Ryan Biss (an instructor at WONCO-A) explains how to pack your pack to ensure that it is balanced and sits correctly on your back.

He also explains how to ensure that commonly used items are most accessible.





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Thank you for an interesting video - the Australian Army packs seem much better designed than the Canadian Army one I was issued back in the 80s but it's the same principles. What was the last, large black item the SGT put in the main compartment of the pack - it sounded like "wet mat"? Is that like a ground sheet or a sleeping mat?

Thank you for a good instructional video on such a seemingly simple, but practical task.

<p>What was the last(ish) item? A wet pad? A wid? Wik?</p>

It's a "wimp matt" - named after being viewed as a "wimp" who needs some comfort rather than sleeping on the cold ground. 

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