Across Army, there is a wide range of trades, specialties and career pathways, and for many it can be a long time between opportunities to practice and enhance our tactical skills. For those not actively involved in combat roles, often the only opportunity to intensively practice all-corps tactical skills are career courses, and it can often be around five years between those courses. Understandably, there is a lot of skill fade that can occur if you don't practise these skills or create chances to refresh your knowledge.

This video, produced by the Army Learning Production Centre (ALPC), aims to introduce you to how and why conflicts occur, explain the role of the military in achieving strategic objectives, outline the levels of war and the Army's tactical ethos. The video covers:

  • Statehood & National Power
  • Intra-state conflict vs. Inter-state conflict
  • Levels of conflict
  • Spectrum of operations
  • Military conflict categories
  • Combat functions
  • Elements of the tactical framework
  • Principles of War

Watch the video to refresh your knowledge prior to, or in-between career courses, and before undertaking your next 'Operations' module.