Attempting to predict or forecast the future is fraught with danger and uncertainty. However, within the military, in order to keep abreast of emerging technologies and ensure the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is well prepared for future conflict, that is often what our senior leaders are required to do.

This presentation from the former Chief of the Defence Force, Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston, outlines the senior leadership vision and joint operations out to 2030. He states: 'My vision is one where the ADF is a balanced, networked and deployable force, staffed by dedicated and professional people, that operates within a culture of adaptability and excels at joint and coalition operations'. This document describes how we might best utilise the capabilities of our force to respond to the challenges, the opportunities, and the uncertainties of the future, in order to keep our country secure.

'Joint Operations for the 21st Century paints a picture of a joint force operating effectively as part of an integrated national response to events. This force will act to reach, know and exploit the future operating environment. Thinking about how we will fight in the future is an important component of our work that influences everything we do in Defence. I strongly commend this document to you as a starting point for reflection. More work remains to be done, and I encourage you all to participate in an ongoing debate about the future of our force.' Look at the presentation and share your views on what you think the key issues are for the ADF when thinking about future out to 2030.  What are the main things you think the Australian military needs to focus on?