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Know Self | Collective PME Package - Cove Conference TVL Series

By The Cove June 29, 2020

The Cove Conference Townsville was held in Nov 2019 at Laverack Barracks. 

The theme of this Cove Conferene was Know Self | Know Team and consisted of a number of lectures, small group work and panel discussions for junior leaders of LCPL / CPL and members of the Queensland Police Service.

Following on from the conference, the Cove Team is releasing a series of collective PME Packages from this event. These packages have been designed to support collective PME across the Army. Each package consists of a short video compilation of speakers from the conference talking on a specific theme, a list of additional resources that provide more in depth reading and analysis on that theme, and a powerpoint presentation that can be used by commanders to facilitate small group discussions on the theme within thier teams.

The first collective PME package in this series is based on the theme of: 'Know Self'.

Know Self

It is important as a member of the profession of arms for us to have the self-awareness to know ourselves. This includes being aware of our own cognitive bias which may influence how we view certain situations and the difference between instinctive thinking and critical thinking.

This collective PME package includes a video of LTCOL Martin Levey, Ch Supt Kevin Gutteridge, and LTCOL Greg Colton talking about how we think and the importance of recognising our biases. This is followed by some additional resources and some indicative discussion points that can be used as a basis for small group discussions.

Additional Resources

Think Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

The Cognitive Bias Codex

Cognitive bias codex en.svg

Discussion Points

This PowerPoint Presentation provides guided discussion points on 'Know Self' which can form the basis of small group discussions.


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