Welcome to The Cove's newest Podcast series! Hosted by The Cove's very own WO PME, Warrant Officer Class One Mark Grigg, Leaders and Legends explores the wide range of experiences and careers in the Australian Army through episodic interviews with senior appointments, notable individuals or members with unique experiences. Released every pay Thursday, search for 'The Cove Podcast' on your favourite audio platform, then follow us for notifications of new releases.


Episode 1 – WO1 Darren Murch OAM

In the premiere episode, WO1 Grigg speaks with WO1 Darren Murch. WO1 Murch's 37-year career has provided him a wealth of experience, learning and insight into Army, soldiering, and leadership. His most recent appointment is as the Command Sergeant Major of Forces Command, an important and influential role representing the enlisted personnel of much of Army. In this episode, hear WO1 Murch share his views on leadership and personnel development, and tips for being a successful sergeant major in the Australian Army.


Episode 2 – WO1 Nathan Cole

In this episode, WO1 Mark Grigg speaks with WO1 Nathan Cole about his time at the United States Army Sergeant Major Academy and hear some of his ideas on the professional development of our people.


Episode 3 – WO2 James Debono

In this episode, WO1 Mark Grigg speaks with WO2 James Debono about his involvement with the Army Secondment Program and – in particular – his time with the AFL.


Episode 4 – LT John Limbert

In this episode, WO1 Mark Grigg speaks with LT John Limbert being awarded the 2018 Forces Command Soldier of the Year and his commissioning.


Episode 5 – CPL Amy Kowski

In this episode, WO1 Mark Grigg speaks with CPL Amy Kowski. Amy joined the Army via the ADF Gap Year program as a caterer, transferred to Psych Assistant, and is now studying a Bachelor of Education (Secondary). CPL Kowski discusses the challenges of managing full-time work and full-time study, with some tips on how she balances her time and the changes to her priorities. Amy discusses her experiences with Army Sports playing AFL, representing Army in Service competitions and the value of bonding with teammates. Hear her thoughts on how she has learnt a lot about Army, and in doing so, and a lot about herself throughout her career.


Episode 6 – CPL Taylah Gentzen

In this episode, WO1 Mark Grigg speaks with CPL Taylah Gentzen about her military career and being an elite sportswoman. From starting as an infantry soldier to being a PTI at the School of Infantry, she has done things she never thought were possible. Taylah has a passion for combat sports and has competed at an elite level for 12 years. Taylah is the number one professional boxing lightweight in Australia. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science part-time, with a particular interest in the mental health and physical performance of female soldiers and athletes. Mark and Taylah explore the importance of having the courage to make mistakes, asking questions, and making time for conversations as a trainer.


Episode 7 – RSM-A Panel

In this episode, WO1 Mark Grigg speaks with the current Regimental Sergeant Major of the Army, Warrant Officer Kim Felmingham, NSC, OAM, and five past RSM-A's, including: Warrant Officer Grant McFarlane, AM; Mr Don Spinks, AM; Warrant Officer David Ashley, AM; Mr Kevin Woods, CSC, OAM; and, Mr Peter Rosemond, CSC, OAM. At the Home of the Soldier, this was the first time since 1983 – when the first RSM-A was appointed – that such an event like this has occurred. Each of the participants progressed through the ranks on very different career paths to become the senior soldier of our Army, providing a wealth of experience for the audience to tap into. This was an amazing opportunity to hear about their lived experiences, whilst receiving advice on the evolving requirements of the Australian soldier.


Episode 8 – MAJ Mark Beretta OAM

In this episode, WO1 Mark Grigg speaks with MAJ Mark Beretta: Australia’s most watched sports presenter! From the outskirts of Geelong to the Channel 7 newsroom, Mark has had a career filled with highlights, and fulfilled his lifelong desire to join the Australian Army in 2019. On top of early mornings working on Sunrise, Mark serves in Australian Army as a Reserve AAPRS officer. Mark believes in the importance of education and having a thirst to learn from the people around you. He discusses how career mentor programs can lift the whole team up and are often more rewarding for the mentor than the mentee. Hear Marks thoughts on service in Australian Army: how it teaches great leadership skills, inspires members to become ongoing parts of their community, and the growing popularity of ‘Run Army’.


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