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Lessons from Amphibious Operations with Dr Peter J Dean

By The Cove July 1, 2020

As the Australian Army's contribution to the joint amphibious capability matures, we look back to see what lessons can be drawn from history that still have contemporary relevance, to assist us in adapting to the challenges of the future.

This month's CoveTalk is by Dr Peter J Dean, an academic and historian from the University of Western Australia, and was broadcast live from the 1st Brigade's Warfighter Conference in Robertson Barracks, Darwin. Dr Dean has not only published extensively on amphibious operations, but is also an engaging speaker who is a regular lecturer, both internationally and around the country, including at the Australian War College.

In this presentation, Dr Dean examines the Australian experience of amphibious operations in the Second World War and draws out lessons we would do well to heed today, including in the areas of command and control, joint training, operating in the urban littoral environment, and the critical importance of logistics.

This CoveTalk is essential viewing for all those currently on the Road to Ready with the Amphibious Task Group, as well as the wider Army, and is a useful start point for small team and sub-unit discussions on tactics, techniques and procedures.

Please note that this video can only be viewed outside the DPN.



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As always another good talk from Dr Dean, given however his answer to Major Pirdie's question (54 minutes) regarding the ADF's focus large scale blue water amphibious lodgement without the associated focus on smaller scale persistant littoral and riverine manouvre, as taught through Operation Postern. Perhaps the Cove could expand with some additional material that Army could apply in amphibious operations in the archipelagic/riverine battlespace, particularly those of protracted tactical manouvre independent of the LHD/LSD-A assets.

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