Click here to access a full copy of the QDE - 'Loy Manara' 

You are the Section Commander of C/S 11A, an infantry section within a battle group deployed to Takistan. Your section is conducting a dismounted patrol to clear enemy within your Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR). A Reconnaissance Patrol has sighted an enemy Vehicle Check Point on a Main Supply Route within your TAOR. The time now is 0800.

Mission - Your section is to clear the enemy position by NLT 1100h in order to enable freedom of movement along the MSR. For this QDE, (from Smart Soldier 50) Centre for Army Lessons (CAL) is trialling a new delivery method that includes:

  1. Revision of Doctrine,
  2. Relevant lessons,
  3. The QDE, and
  4. The opportunity to use Simulation (at your local Battle Simulation Site (BSS)) to test your plan.

CAL welcome your feedback on this new approach.