'The effective leader is one who can convey meaning clearly, yet be both inspirational and motivational, depending on the circumstances and audience'
– LWD 0-2 Leadership, Para 6.22

Effective communication skills are essential for all soldiers, officers and leaders. However, often our intended meaning is not what is received by our audience. While we can all communicate, how many of us take deliberate action to improve in this area?

Why not take the opportunity to enhance your communication skills through a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provided by Catalyst and edX.

This is a self paced course and over a four week period you will have access to case studies and videos that will assist you to develop strategies for transparent and authentic communication.

For more information and registration, access the MOOC here.

MOOCs provide online professional development that does not always require the same commitment as formal tertiary study. If you are thinking of enrolling at university in the near future, enrolling in a free MOOC will give you first hand experience in an online learning environment. There are multiple MOOC providers with thousands of free courses, such as edX, Futurelearn and Coursera. Thankfully, your peers have provided a list of potential courses to wet your appetite.