WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this article may contain images, voices and names of deceased persons.


From left to right: then COMDT ARTC COL S Jobson, artists Mark Saddler and Taylor Saddler, and First Army Elder Uncle Roy Mundine.

Panel One – Ngumbaay Bargan in Flight

This panel represents a boomerang (bargan) in flight thrown for protection.

Panel Two – Bula Gugaa (Goanna) protecting Country

This panel is showing 4 Gugaas’ as they stand their ground around their land.

The Gugaa will defend their territory with strength, respect, and determination. There are also Boomerangs and spears that the Wiradjuri people used to protect their Ngurambang (country).

Panel Three and Four – Bulabu Ngumbaay and Bulabu Bulabu

This panel has Gugaa tracks changing to black and white footprints to represent raw recruits as they enter Gabuga (Kapooka).

They march in as all colours and shapes ready to become soldiers.

They are ready to begin their murru (journey) of becoming soldiers who are willing to defend what must be defended.

All the time our Gugaa (Goanna) is with them through their murru (journey).

Panel 5 – Marra

This panel shows the recruits as they go through their basic training. They will meet and overcome many obstacles on their murru (journey).

The circles represent the different parts of their training at Gabuga (Kapooka); it is also showing that their footprints are now changing to Army boots. They are now all the same colour: they will fight together as one. They are now proud warrior soldiers.

The 3 tracks leading out from the last circle represents Wiradjuri Country as they are the “Bulabu Ngumbaay Bila Mayiny” (3 River People).

Main Column

Wiradjuri Gibirr (man) playing a Yidaki (Didgeridoo). The Gibirr is calling on a special Gugaa (Goanna) to come and Murrawarra (Stand your ground).

The Yidaki (Didgeridoo) has a carve Gugaa (Goanna).

The Gugaa represents an animal that is clever, a great hunter and protector of country.

The Gugaa is the Wiradjuri Totem.