At the Cove wherever possible, we try to provide you with the perspectives of our close allies, in particular the ABCA countries. When it comes to the topic of operational art, our partners in Canada have written comprehensively on the topic. Here we provide you the link to the publication The Operational Art: Canadian perspectives: Context and Concepts, edited by Allan English, Daniel Gosselin, Howard Coombs and Laurence Hickey. The essays in this book, based on the work of staff and students at the Canadian Forces College, are designed to make a contribution to professional military education.

Whilst reading the entire book would comprehensively expand your knowledge of the subject matter, in an attempt to cut down your reading time, we recommend you focus on part 1, chapter 1 to begin with. The first part of the book provides the context to understand why and how Canadian operational art has evolved from its European and American roots. Specifically, we recommend you read 'the Operational Art' by Allan English, et al, and then share your thoughts with us about the key takeaways from your perspective.