Throughout the 'Operational Art' series of posts on The Cove, we've thrown a lot of heavy texts, monographs and articles at you.  For those that prefer to start with something lighter, we have a great solution for you. Assistant Professor Dale Eikmeier of the U.S. Command and General Staff College presents a 4-part video series on the Operational Art. The videos are around 11 minutes each and are excellent value for someone tackling the Operational Art topic for the first time. Assistant Professor Dale Eikmeier generously breaks down the concepts and explains them in very simple terms which makes the videos easy to follow. The videos are as follows:

  1. Video 1 Operational Art: Art vs science, levels of war, operational art.
  2. Video 2 Operational Design:  What is the current environment? What is the desired environment? What is the problem? What is the solution?
  3. Video 3 Centre of Gravity: What is its purpose? What is it?
  4. Video 4 Centre of Gravity: How to identify it, when to identify it, what to do with it.

Watch the videos, and once you are feeling confident with the basics, consider diving into the more complex and detailed material in the rest of the 'Operational Art' package.