The Cove (and our partners at the Postern Association) are delighted to present a recording of one of our first CoveTalk webinars - 'Overcoming the Rashomon Effect: Redefining the Conversation around Character' with Sarah MacArthur-King. We've been developing our webinar capability over the last few months.  The aim, as ever, is to help Army evolve its intellectual edge through giving serving soldiers and officers access to top-quality material. The live CoveTalks themselves are invitation only, and reserved for the ADF.  However whenever possible we will share the vids with the wider family of Covesters! In this great 30min talk Sarah Macarthur-King discusses character and leadership.  She also explains what the Rashomon Effect is! Sarah is speaking as a member of the Postern Association, the Australian Army's association dedicated to the intellectual development of the Profession of Arms.  If you're in the Army and want more info on Postern, check out this link. Enjoy, and let us know what you think ... #goodsoldiering