Lowering the 1st Psychology Unit Flag over Victoria Barracks represented a significant day for Army; recognising the phased transition of the Psychological Examiners from their trade and acknowledging the dedication of the soldiers and officers of 1 Psych.

The below videos give two perspectives; the lessons, achievements and sentiments of members of the 1st Psychology Unit over their years of service, and the raw emotion rising from the closure of the unit.

The Story of the 1st Psychology Unit


1st Psychology Unit Flag Lowering Ceremony

1 Psych supported the Army through some of its most challenging times, and was continuously deployed on operations for the last 21 years. The lessons from the experiences, as well as the dedication and purpose of the 1st Psychology Unit will continue to support our people in the future.

We thank the soldiers and officers of 1 Psych for their dedication, commitment, versatility and compassion in supporting Army’s people wherever they served. 1 Psych’s Psychologists and Psych Examiners have served the Unit with pride, and the 1st Psychology Unit’s legacy of leadership and care endures in the work of the new Health Battalions.