The role of the Combat Training Centre (CTC) is to deliver advanced collective combat training to high readiness forces in order to prepare them for specific operations and contingencies. In this capacity, the unit has delivered a significant number of Combat Team and Battle Group Warfighting Exercises, Mission Rehearsal Exercises and Amphibious Exercises whilst also supporting Forces Command during Exercise Hamel and Talisman Sabre. One of CTC's key outputs from these exercises is to provide Army with observations to contribute to trends analysis and determine area where improvement is required.

These observations, gathered from Combat Team through Formation, have highlighted the inconsistent and often under-utilised application of the Rehearsal of Concept Drill (ROC). This article is designed to apply some rigour around what should be a ‘drill’ and also to inform participants in the process of their role, inputs and outputs. While not overly prescriptive, the aim of this paper is to provide Commanders and Staff with enough knowledge and guidance so that they can execute a ROC Drill in order to better synchronise the execution of the plan.

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