The Royal United Service Institute for Defence and Security Studies NSW (RUSI NSW) was established in 1888 and has a long tradition of promoting 'the higher professional education of officers.' Similar to The Cove, the main objective of RUSI NSW is, 'to promote informed debate on, and to improve public awareness and understanding of, defence and national security.'

The Cove is pleased to share with you the lunchtime lectures of 2022 presented by RUSI NSW.

28 June 2022

Another in the Lunchtime Lecture series. Brigadier Ian Langford DSC and Bars, (PhD) speaks on the topic The Significance of Australia's Armour and Artillery Upgrades. He presents the outlook of government policy to demonstrate Australia's assessments of the international operating environment, and explains the resource adjustments that will shape the Australian Defence Force. Brigadier Langford then discusses the Army at the macro level; shifting from a 'force in being' trained for traditional duties, to being future ready in an environment that is becoming increasingly volatile and complex. Please note this presentation is not viewable on the DPN.

25 January 2022

In the first Lunchtime Lecture for the year, CAPT Chris Skinner RAN Ret'd speaks on Nuclear Powered Submarines and other AUKUS technologies for the ADF. Covering topics such as cyber and information warfare, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and nuclear propulsion for submarines. A great presentation covering a topic of intense interest. This presentation is not viewable on the DPN.

Watch this space for more to come! RUSI Lunchtime Lectures will be shared with you throughout the year.

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