In nearly seven years of The Cove we have published thousands of articles with content sent in from you, the viewer, and articles created by the Cove Team. 

A message we constantly hear is that you want more audio, video and in particular, 'Soldier's Five' type articles.

In this article we have collated all our current Soldier's Five videos to make it easier for you. The Cove Team will be working on creating more in the very near future and if you have any ideas on the topics you would like published please contact us at or place your comments in the remarks section below. Thanks to WONCO for creating the majority of videos below.

We would also like to see some more submissions from you! If you submit a video that is published we will send you a Cove merchandise pack!

Worried about recording a video? These days making videos cannot be easier. While a camera and microphone recommended, it can be as simple as pointing and shooting with your phone. If you are using your phone, we recommend either using a microphone or just filming video and inserting the audio later on a free video editing app.

Soldier's Fives

How to Pack a Pack

Barbed Wire Obstacles

Mud Model Construction

Navigation Data Sheet

Judging Distances

Fire Control Orders