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Strength & Conditioning Panel Discussion

By The Cove July 1, 2020

September 2018's CoveTalk was broadcast live from the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) and consisted of a panel discussion on strength and conditioning. The panel was comprised of:

  • Mr Ross Smith - lead Strength and Conditioning Coach at the AIS
  • Major Simon Bowen - an Army physiotherapist and Officer Commanding of the Human Performance Centre, North Queensland
  • Sergeants Chris Wilkinson and Tim Boland - both Army Physical Training Instructors (PTI) posted to the Royal Military College- Duntroon

    The three themes discussed during the talk are:

    • load management,
    • the AIS human performance program and how Army can learn from their methods, and
    • ways in which the AIS and Army can improve the structure of physical training.

    As with all CoveTalks, the presentation is followed by a live Q&A session, which was open to all ranks across Army. Questions that could not be answered on the day have been sent to our panel and will be published on the Cove soon.

    Please note that this video can only be viewed outside the DPN.



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