You are a Section Commander deployed to Takistan with AS FE currently in the stabilisation phase of an ongoing operation. Morale in the section and wider platoon is very good following the conduct of an ambush and then a raid in the past 10 days (see Smart Soldier 52 & 53).

Your mission: You are to conduct a patrol through the village of Sakhee (GR 037 043) approximately 500m west of your location. On completion you are to move south to GR 041 015 and call forward PMVs for your extraction.

Quick Decision Exercises (QDE) provide a great opportunity for you and your team to test your knowledge and decision making skills using different scenarios.

This latest QDE produced by the Army Knowledge Centre and published in Smart Soldier 54 provides excellent insights for the planning and conduct of patrols. Once you have come up with your plan, you can arrange (through your unit) to test its likely success using VBS3 at your local Battle Simulation Site. For more information go to Army Knowledge Online (available only on the Defence Protected Network).