In late November and early December each year, those officers who have been selected to commence their command appointments in the following year attend the Pre-Command Course at Canungra. It's a time when they're thinking deeply about their command appointment before their HOTO. At The Cove, we've been fortunate to have many people write for us about command appointments. The following links are a collection of articles and documents that can help new commanders best prepare for what will likely be the most significant role in their career so far.


Once you finish your unit command please consider writing a reflection to The Cove and add to this list.


Insights from Commanding Officers is produced by The Centre for Army Lessons (CAL) and includes a number of different perspectives and reflections about command. What you take on board will depend on your own personal circumstances and professional environment. The book is broken up into four chronological parts: preparation for command, your first 100 days, life in command and final thoughts. You will find each of these sections share some common themes, such as the need for mentors, reflecting on your own performance, seeking advice, using missions command, suing subject matter experts, and getting out and about on the job.