The Cove was fortunate enough to have Major General Mick Ryan (Rtd) present at the 7th Brigade Combined Arms Seminar earlier this year. During his presentation on Combined Arms in the Ukraine Conflict he shared a number of observations from his time as a combined arms commander. One of the key threads of his message was ‘understanding competition’. If you did not catch it, take a look at the short clip below.

Combined Arms in the Ukraine Conflict by Major General Mick Ryan (Rtd)

The United States Marine Corps doctrine publication that Major General Ryan (Rtd) discusses – the MCDP 1-4 Competing – describes competitive advantage in a military context. It provides broad guidance on concepts related to competition and is designed to stimulate creative thinking.

Spread over five chapters, the publication outlines the nature of competition, theory of competition, preparing for competition, how rivals approach competition, and the conduct of competition. Take a read or a listen today with this handy audiobook.