In this video 'Urban Warfare: The Future is Here' via Modern War Institute, Major John Spencer (US Army) talks on urban warfare at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. Spencer starts by discussing the increase of urbanisation where more and more people are moving to cities (180,000 per day), and the impact of this unprecedented growth which is stressing infrastructure and increasing violence, including political violence (insurgency, terrorism, revolutions). He then discusses the capabilities required for training in urban operations, offering that there is currently no capability in the US designed for the urban environment only adaptations to existing capabilities. Finally Spencer offers three recommendations to improve training for urban operations:

  1. 'Come out of the woods'. Train in a realistic urban training environment, replicating the complexities unique to urban operations.
  2. Study the past.
  3. 'Urban lens' – A need for experts in urban operations.

This video provides the viewer with an understanding of the many complex challenges posed to militaries operating in urban terrain.