Jass Zarlenga

LT Jass Zarlenga is the Troop Commander of E22, 18 Combat Engineer Squadron, 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment. 18 CE SQN has recently mechanised and LT Zarlenga has been at the forefront of mechanisation within 3 CER. LT Zarlenga has been integral to the development of SOPs for mechanised engineer tactics and has devoted his time focusing on how engineer specific reconnaissance can best be conducted within a mechanised construct. LT Zarlenga has integrated into both mechanised infantry and tank Combat Teams to provide mechanised engineer mobility and counter mobility support as the Australian Army prepares for LAND 400 and LAND 8160.


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Engineer Reconnaissance within a Mechanised Squadron in 2030

This article explores what Engineer Reconnaissance within a Mechanised Combat Engineer Squadron should look like in 2030.

By Jass Zarlenga