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Building Partner Capacity Seminar: Professor John Blaxland

By The Cove December 22, 2021

In this keynote address from the Building Partner Capacity (BPC) Seminar, Professor John Blaxland discusses the strategic imperatives for BPC missions from a historical and contemporary perspective. Professor Blaxland highlights the importance of intellectual investment and the significance of having cultural, language and historical understanding when engaging in BPC missions.




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In an age of false media as a weapon of war and the significant potential for large scale corrupted communications and reporting, genuine human relationships are a potent force enabler. The actual engagement is not the only front. Connected people in relationship communicating is key to calm relations. Public opinion and momentum is a powerful enabler for resolution in a connected age that needs to be framed in the genuine conversation. The quality of all levels of the relationship reflects the depth of intention, politically, socially and militarily. As polititians come and go in the short term, military leaders tend to have more longevity as international actors. The depths of those cross cultural relationships may prove to be our most potent foriegn policy enablers. The quality of the human relationships and their many layers can frame the engagement environment before the uncontrolable elements of violent conflict overide all. Thankyou for a very insightful presentation built on many years of experience. Our values and ethical operations as a nation make us a very unique force.

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