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David Beaumont's Logistics Primer

By David Beaumont June 24, 2020


We're cultivating all kinds of reading lists and resources at the Cove.  Most are 'generalist' on the subject of war and warfare, sourced from experienced officers, WOs and NCOs both in Australia and across our partners.

But some are specific to certain subjects, allowing you to delve far more deeply.  Here David Beaumont from the Australian Army presents his 'primer' of key literature on modern military logistics.  David is studying a PhD in strategic logistics with the Australian National University, so this is a list worth looking into! You can follow him on Twitter via @davidblogistics.

Do you have a reading or resource list to offer on your specialisation?  Let us know by clicking contribute.



David Beaumont

David Beaumont has served in a wide variety of Army and Joint logistics units and headquarters, and is currently Chief Instructor at the Army School of Logistics Operations. He has written extensively on expeditionary warfare, military logistics and organisational transformation, from blog articles to book chapters and substantial papers. His most recent paper is ‘Transforming Army Logistics to Support the Joint Land Force, published by the Australian Army Research Centre, in which he describes an agenda for change in Army logistics. In 2016 he established the blog, ‘Logistics in War’ ( / @logisticsinwar) and can be found @davidblogistics.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.


A really good chart, with the three perspectives being a great take on logistics. For my tuppence worth I'd add Kress, M. Operational Logistics, 2002 to the top line and Foxton, P. Powering War, 1994 to the middle one.

Sir, Thank you for creating and posting the informative graphic. A question, if you don't mind: if you had to pick one book to recommend for new or junior defence/defense analysts, which would you recommend -- Eccles?

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