Summary of Learning:
The decision to utilise force brings with it many considerations that must be applied in an often-dynamic environment and yet the post use-of-force articulation may be heavily scrutinised in a military context (including through the system of military justice) the civilian justice system and the community. This course will introduce the learner to the moral and ethical considerations of the use of force. This Unit will examine the legal codification of the ethical use of force within civil society and military contexts. Learners will  be exposed to decision making practices when faced with use of force issues which reflect ethical practice and the Values and traditions of the Australian Defence Force.

The Learning Objective:
1. Develop an understanding of  the legal implications of the use of force in different types of operations in different levels of conflict/operations (that all applications of force must be Justified, Excused by Law, and Legally Defensible)
2 . Develop an understanding of the ethical environmental considerations that accompany the decision to use force including the Decision-Making Process - outcomes and risks (the moral dilemma) ;Uncertainty; and the ethical implications
3. Understand historical examples where the legal use of force has been misused.

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