Over the period 05-07 October 2021, 3 Brigade hosted a Cove Conference on Small Team Leadership and Ethical Decision Making in Townsville. 

During this theme, The Cove shared a number of articles newly or previously published on The Cove such as Leading at the Tactical Level, Speaking When Angry and a podcast by the Centre for Australian Army Leadership (CAAL) on Social Capital and Rapid Team Building. Our Friends and Partners at The Forge have also just released the ADF's Philosophical Doctrine on Military Ethics.

As part of the conference for attendees, they were recommended to read Black Hearts by Jim Fredericks. Fortunately for some, The Cove has a book summary on this text, written by LTCOL Robinson and a PME Package on this book by Clare Von Wald. 

The program, designed by 3 Brigade sought to leverage the knowledge and wisdom of athletes and coaching experts that have been associated with highly successful small teams, so that their lessons can be shared with the leaders of in Army. Unfortunately, Australian Olympian Suzy Batkovic was unable to attend due to illness; however, the lessons shared by NRL professional rugby player Brent Tate were incredibly applicable, inspiring and a must watch for all team leaders. 


Dr Jo Lukins, an expert in culture and mindsets of high performing teams, shares her experience and knowledge in 'Ethical Decision Making Techniques' to help you and your team reach your potential. To learn a little bit about her past and speciality, you can read a book review by Chris Field on her previous work, Slow: Live. Life. Simply


Due to personal connections with RSM 3 BDE, in a rare public event, Steve Tilbrook MG shares his lived experience of leading his platoon on deployment in Rwanda as part of the UN Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR). We highly recommend you read the background to the events which led to Steve and three other Australians being awarded the Medal of Gallantry before you watch the video. 


As head coach of the Townsville Fire, Claudia Brassard led the team to three WNBL championships. As a leader of high performing individuals, she shares her hard earned lessons on how to manage strong personalities and more importantly how to harness each player's strengths to contribute to the overall success of the team.