CO 3HSB, LTCOL Anthony Chambers presents a series of webinars relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic. These presentations will be delivered by various medical specialists, both military and civilian, addressing the management of COVID-19 from the perspectives of intensive care, emergency departments, anaesthetic management, nursing management, hospital administration management, and current testing practices. 

These webinars offer the opportunity to cut through the hype and hear directly from top quality specialists on the frontline.

  1. Dr Mark Benzimra – COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 Clinical Update
  2. CMDR Anthony Holley RAN – COVID-19 Critical Care
  3. Mr Todd McEwan – SVHNS COVID-19 Response
  4. COL Michael Geluk – Emergency Department Preparation for COVID-19
  5. LTCOL Stuart Baldwinson – Training Modernisation & Transformation


Webinar 1

In this presentation recorded on 28 April 2020, Dr Mark Benzimra a respiratory physician at St Vincent's Hospital, provides a really informative introduction to the epidemiology of the virus, a broad status of how Australia has been impacted by the virus, some management strategies and therapeutic options within clinical trials (1hr 3min).


Webinar 2

CMDR Anthony Holley, an intensivist and intensive care physician provides an in depth presentation on ICU practices. He also provides the insight behind the strategic planning to develop the guidelines used to shape decisions made by all levels including the Federal government. A more technical presentation but delivered in a way for non-clinical viewers to understand and learn (1hr 16min).


Webinar 3

Mr Todd McEwan, Director of Acute Care Services and HSFAC Incident Controller, tells us about the emergency operations centre management. For non-clinical viewers, the lessons of breaking down silos between different work units and the value or communication and clarity of purpose can be applied across many work situations (1hr 20min).


Webinar 4

COL Michael Geluk is the Senior Medical Officer at 3 HSB and also works as an Emergency Department physician at Melbourne's Austin hospital. Learn how this hospital planned for the unavoidable changes brought about by COVID-19 and how the staff and and processes adapted to the many challenges encountered during this period (1hr 35min).


Webinar 5

LTCOL Stuart Baldwinson, Commanding Officer Army School of Health and his staff present information on the modernisation of training delivered by ASH and provide an update on the Employment Category Review for ECN 368 Army Medic (1hr 47min).