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ASLO PME activity - Reading for War

By The Cove December 8, 2020

"...we have been fighting for thousands of years; if would be idiotic and unethical not to take advantage of such experience. If you haven't read hundreds of books, you are functionally illiterate."  MAJGEN (Retd) Jim Mattis

LTCOL Robinson issued a task to the SNCO's and officers of ASLO: to review a book and present their findings to the group in under five minutes. Here are the results of this activity (Please note the videos cannot be viewed on DPN): 


Alexander the Great and logistics of the Macedonian Army by Donald W. Engels - reviewed by CAPT Aston


Britain's War Machine by David Edgerton - reviewed by MAJ Lumb


Conceptualising the Quiet Revolution by Patrick Bury  - reviewed by CAPT Kiss


Defeat into Victory by Field Marshall Viscount Slim - reviewed by WO2 Abell


Feeding Mars by John A. Lynn - reviewed by SGT Beyers


Moving Mountains: Lessons in leadership and logistics from the Gulf War by LTGEN William G. Pagonis - reviewed by CAPT Monda


Napoleon's Russian Campaign 1812 - reviewed by CAPT Ward


Powering War: Modern Land Force Logistics by P.D. Foxton - reviewed by CAPT Monaghan


The Lieutenant Don't Know by Jeff Clement - reviewed by CAPT Coleman


The Ulster Tales by John Wilsey - reviewed by MAJ House


We were soldiers once and young by LTGEN (Retd) Harold G. Moore and Joseph L. Galloway - reviewed by CAPT Lever





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