Have you submitted an article to The Cove?

Had one published previously?

Are you about to send us an article?

If so, we would like to invite you to narrate your own work!

As you may already be aware we have commenced publication of Audio Articles, for readers to have an option of reading or listening to Cove articles. Our current audio articles can be found here.

While most of our Audio Articles are narrated by the team at The Cove, authors can opt to record their own. These episodes have been well-received and give you the opportunity to infuse your audio article with your own personality. Given this initial success, we would like to extend an invitation for all authors – you – to narrate your own article.

The process is easy, just follow the guidelines below:


  • We recommend that you download the free Audacity app. This will give you the opportunity to do your own editing which is straight forward and offers assistance from some short YouTube clips. Just search for ‘Audacity’.
  • If this is not for you, you can always record it on your phone (e.g. the Voice Memos app on Apple iOS). Please get in touch if you are having issues with recording or editing.


  • When you are talking and referring to yourself, we ask that you refer to yourself in the first person (e.g. 'I', 'us', and 'our').
  • Please ensure you include the following in your opening:
    • Welcome to The Cove’s Audio Articles, where you can listen to some of The Cove’s best articles rather than read them. This article is written by [insert name] and is titled, [insert article name], and is read by the author'.
  • Please ensure you include the following in your closing:
    • Thanks for listening to this Audio Article by The Cove. Don’t forget to download The Cove app – It's PME in your pocket, anywhere, anytime’.
  • Do not use any abbreviations and ensure you explain any jargon. Remember it is not just military personnel who will be listening to your Audio Article.
  • When you are recording, ensure you are in a suitable area free from external noise, distractions, and your recording device settings appropriately record your narration. We will not be able to use any recording where your voice is too hard to hear, distorted, or excessively loud.


We look forward to your contributions and if you require any assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting the Cove Team on the e-mail above.