We understand you don't always have the time to read. With you in mind, we've converted some of our top reads into audio files so you can get more things done at once. Click on the article below and then hit the 'listen to audio version' at the top of the article. Let us know what you think of this approach in the comments below!

  1. An Entrenched Culture - Part One: What the Army could learn from the Emergency Services by Kathleen Pisani
  2. Cognitive Warfare by Emily Bienvenue, Zac Rogers, and Sian Troath
  3. Reflections on Psychological Rank by Bryn Smith
  4. Tactical Spurs Part 2: Finding the Reward in Risk by Tom McDermott
  5. Hormones and Teamwork: Why Military Leaders Eat Last by Bryn Smith
  6. The Battle of Marawi: Small Team Lessons Learned For the Close Fight by James Lewis
  7. Sovereign Access – New Conceptions of Old Mobilisation by Mike Kalms
  8. Digital Adaptation / Human Transformation by Anders Sorman-Nilsson
  9. Do Something!! by Sean Gwynne
  10. Leading at the Tactical Level by Jake Ellwood
  11. Reflection: ADF Support to Local Communities on ANZAC Day by Marcus Luciani
  12. Responsibility, Accountability and Culpability - Three Cognitive Pillars to guide command comprehension and decision making by Michael Scott
  13. A Brigade Commander's Expectations of Unit Commanding Officers - A Primer by Scott Winter
  14. Defining the role of the Regimental Sergeant Major by Joel McMahon
  15. Leadership vs Management by Chris McDougall
  16. Reflections on Battalion Command by Nathan Pierpoint
  17. Reflection from an RSM by Jason Moriarty
  18. I've Made it Through the First Few Months as an OC - What do I do now? Tips for Company Commanders by Nathan Pierpoint.