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Throughout its history, the ADF has used the Electro Magnetic Spectrum (EMS) on operations and deployments to pass orders, conduct administration and organise activities. Indeed, access to the EMS has become an accepted norm with very few, if any, ADF units experiencing difficulties in accessing the EMS due to deliberate actions on the part of our opponents. However, recent activities of nation states clearly indicate such access can no longer be taken for granted. At the 2017 TechNet Augusta conference, held in the US, MAJ GEN Morrison (head of US Army Cyber Centre of Excellence) and LT GEN Funk II (Commander III Corps) told the audience that the US is outgunned and outranged by peer and near peer competitors. Russia, and to some extent China, have revealed advanced and ‘stunning’ capabilities in the electromagnetic spectrum.[1] This presentation has been prepared to help units prepare to deal with environments where EMS access is contested and cannot be guaranteed. Any questions from serving members can be sent to 7 Signals Regiment on the Defence Protected Network.