How battle ready are your body, your mind, and your skills? The soldier's contract with Australia begins with "I'm an Australian soldier who is an expert in close combat…"

The Australian Army Battle Lab is the Australian Army's tactical experimentation and training unit, based in Sydney. A command unit that will establish how Army fights and integrates on a shortened time horizon, to provide Australia with a competitive warfighting advantage.

Recently The Cove promoted the Battle Lab series of posters, along with resources which can be used to assist in developing our combat readiness. This article aims to bring all of these resources together into one place.

Are you ready to Fight Tonight? See below to access the Battle Lab resources:

Battle Lab Posters: Each of the posters on this page gives a refresher about one element of combat readiness.


Essential Skills

Essential Skills: Do you want to dig deeper into essential soldiering skills? From a Cove article considering logistics and Laws of Armed Conflict in Ukraine to a Cove+ course about radio propagation, we have resources to help.










Urban Operations

Urban Operations: If you want to look deeper into operating in urban environments, The Cove has articles about urban warfare, as well as Cove+ courses about urban operations, decision making, and ethical considerations for the battlefield.










Dig or Die

Dig or Die: Do you want to think more deeply about survival against enemy artillery? We have Cove articles exploring the past and future of artillery, including the role of artillery in Ukraine. There are also articles about the significance of digging in in past conflicts, as well as an article considering why this remains an important skill.










Survivability: Do you want to know more about survivability? We have gathered some relevant Cove articles and Cove+ courses below. These include articles about survival against loitering munitions, making use of deception, and the use of drones, as well as courses about problem solving and the impacts of technology.










Recognition: Do you want to look further into recognising the enemy? The Cove has articles about the Decisive Action Training Environment, as well as Cove+ courses about intelligence and military modernisation.










Combined Arms

Combined Arms Manoeuvre: For a deeper look into combined arms manoeuvre, look at The Cove’s feature on combined arms, which contains a wide range of articles on the topic. For a wider view, try the Cove+ courses on military strategy and team leadership.









Personal Security

Personal Security: From a Cove article about the internet of military things to a wide range of Cove+ courses on digital security, you can find resources below to help you dig deeper into this topic.











CRBN: Do you want to understand more about CBRN threats? Try our Cove+ course about biology or read our Cove article about CBRN intelligence analysis.











Small UAS

Small UAS: To enhance your understanding of how platforms such as small UAS are impacting warfare, have a look at our Cove articles about drones, or the Cove+ course about modern warfare.