As the world's largest island, Australia's security considerations are unique. In this article, In his article, Colonel Ian Langford discusses the importance of Anti Access /Area Denial (A2/AD) to our strategic planning. 

Offset Strategies and Anti-Access Area Denial capabilities


Anti Access - Enemy actions that inhibit military movement into an area.

Area Denial - Activities that seek to deny freedoms of action within an area under the enemy's control.

The article provides detail on the ADF's Offset Strategy in the Asia Pacific region, concentrating on eight core tactical competencies and concepts that are aimed at providing Australia and allied joint forces the necessary edge for future military contests for access. These include:

  1. Electromagnetic manoeuvre warfare
  2. Technologically intensive human focused decision making
  3. Integrated air and missile defence systems
  4. Manned and machine teaming
  5. Defended and defending communications networks
  6. Dark systems
  7. Anti position navigation timing protection and disruption systems
  8. Directed energy systems.