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By The Cove March 16, 2020

This article is a collection of short reflections made by some of the junior leaders and private soldiers of Charlie Company (C Coy), 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment following their deployment to Malaysia as Rifle Company Butterworth (RCB), rotation 121. It has been put together to highlight the lessons learned and observations made whilst working alongside the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) during the annual bilateral exercise, EX HARINGGAROO 69.

The overall theme resonating within this article is the concept of ‘Partnering’. In this instance, partnering meant operating in a bilateral environment where both forces integrated and worked under a unified command structure to achieve the same mission.

Though based on the specific, and somewhat idiosyncratic, interactions between C Coy soldiers and those of the the Malay Battalion they partnered, the lessons are applicable, in varying degrees, to any future international engagement exercises that may be conducted within the South East Asia region. They also apply to future RCBs where there will be a requirement to work with other MAF units and organisations.



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