The Chief of Army History Conference 2023 (CAHC23) examined the theme of ‘In Brown and Green waters: Australian Army Operations in the Littoral'. Here, we examined the history of Australian Army operations in the littoral to support the development of Army’s Littoral Manoeuvre Concept. Reflecting on Army’s more than 100 years’ experience with operations in the littoral, both seaward and inland, we aimed to demonstrate how Army adapted training and doctrine historically in response to this strategic requirement.

Presentations from the Conference are available below:

Sustaining Littoral Operations

Dr Rhys Crawley: Gallipoli; landing, sustainment & withdrawal
Ms Nicole Townsend: Tobruk; sustainment and relief
Prof Bob Breen: Operation Morris Dance, Sailcloth, Warden & Quickstep

Combined Operations

Prof David Horner: Military strategy and command SWP amphibious operations 1942-45
Prof Peter Dean: Joint overseas operational training school & combined operations training centre
Dr Dayton McCarthy: OBOE – Combined Operations

Joint Operations

Mr Martin James: RAAF and the OBOE operations
Dr Bob Stevenson: Rabaul & the ANMEF
Dr Joshua Schroeder: Small boat operations from Vietnam to Iraq: The USMC experience

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Prof Christine Helliwell: Operation SEMUT: Preparing for OBOE 6
CMDR David Wright: Controlling and denying the maritime space
Mr Peter Djokovic: Reconnoitring the beaches

Army Littoral Operations in the Second World War

Dr Karl James: Bougainville - Manoeuvring in the littoral space
Ass Prof Garth Pratten: Oboe riverine operations
Dr Mark Johnstone: Aitape-Wewak: Combined arms operations in the littoral

Operating in Boundaries
Dr Bob Marmion and Mr Andrew Dagg: Army in coastal defence – Port Phillip Bay experience
CAPT (RAN) Alastair Cooper: Army - Navy boundary for amphibious responsibility
Mr Tim Gellel: Forward observation line; "Fortress F"

Closing Address

MAJGEN Richard Vagg